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Bet With Your Friends Online

One of the most fun things about watching a sporting event is betting on the outcome. You can bet with a friend, but only if he thinks a different team, horse, etc. will win than you do! If you enjoy the excitement of having a wager on the game or race, you might need to find some betting mates to take your wagers. The first step in online betting is to find someone who wants to bet with you online, but this can be difficult—and how can you bet with mates online and make sure you get paid if you win? This is where online betting sites can be a great help. There have to be two sides to a betting transaction, and the best online betting websites can help match the bettor with someone who will take his wager.

How Online Betting Works

There are basically two ways to bet with mates online. One is to post a few items about yourself for your betting mate’s perusal and the types and general amounts of wagers you’re interested in making. You then meet and greet your betting mates online and set up the terms of your wager(s)—it’s completely up to you, whatever terms the two of you agree upon. You make your own bets according to the terms you and your betting mate agree upon, and those terms are recorded on the website. You and your betting mate decide on the amount of the wager and those funds are set aside—the same amount from each of you—out of the money you have previously deposited.

The second way to make your own bets online is to come up with the bet ahead of time, post it, and then see if there are any takers. This changes the order from the above example; in this case, you make the (prospective) bet first, then you meet your betting mate and negotiate the wager. The best online betting system allows you to choose the terms of the bet by mutual agreement; you aren’t obligated to stick by the original posted wager if you and your mate bet differently. It’s all up to the two of you—when you bet with friends online, it’s just as if you were shaking hands at the local pub.

More Friends to Bet With

Unlike down at the local pub, though, there are thousands of potential betting mates online. Online betting sites let you connect with all these people, so you can find a betting mate who will take your bet—or find a bet you want to take! No matter how obscure or esoteric the sporting event, with this huge pool of friends to bet with, someone is sure to take your action. The online betting website sets aside a portion of each of you and your betting mates’ your previously deposited funds, records the terms of the wager, and then when the outcome of the event is determined, deposits the combined funds in the winner’s account, after deducting a small commission. It’s that easy to make your own bets online!

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